How Are You Marketing Your Business Offline?

To market your business offline, you have to do a lot of things to bring customers into your place of business. If you have the right location, then almost 70% of the job is already done for you. But even if you’re in a good location, there are still techniques that you will want to implement to take your business to the next level.

One of the things that you should consider doing is integrating internet marketing into the mix. On the internet, you can get your marketing message out to the public for an extremely cheap price. Now with some online marketing techniques, your target market will most likely be those prospects who reside in your city, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying to acquiring new customers this way.

One thing that you shouldn’t be doing in your business is trying to do brand advertising. Brand advertising is the practice of “getting your name out there” and trying to convince the public that you’re a big, respectful, and well-known company. But this isn’t something that you should pursue.

Leave brand advertising to the corporations who have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. You will lose your shirt, pants, hat, and even your business if you choose to do this form of advertising. My advice is that you leave it alone, and leave it alone for good.

So if you aren’t going to do brand advertising, what form of advertising should you use? Great question. The answer is: direct response advertising.

What is direct response advertising? It’s a form of advertising that is geared towards bring in new customers or clients now, right away. There’s no “waiting to get your name out there.” Direct response is based on the premise of fast results, and acquiring customers at speed that would seem light years ahead of brand building.

If you’re currently running direct response ads, then good for you. If you’re not using direct response, and you’re just hoping that people will “know you” based upon your ads – then I suggest that you stop doing this now. I’m sure that you have spend countless thousands of dollars to market your business this way, and what did it yield for you? More than likely very little, and more of very little is still to come if you continue to market your business this way.

More and more businesses are closing up shop because they can’t handle the economic downturn in this country. I’m willing to bet that if all of these business owners were using direct response marketing, more than 25% of these business owners would still be in business. Would you agree?

You don’t have to be pushed into a corner when it comes to marketing your business. It’s all about being prepared for what the tough economy will try to do to you. If you can survive it’s constant impact on your business, you will be sure to succeed. Don’t follow the path that struggling business owners go down. I’m sure you’re a smart person, so it’s time to stop brand building and to start bringing in new customers now.

Good luck with marketing your small business.

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