Luxury Cruise Vacation Marketing – 4 Basic Marketing Strategies For Luxury Travel Services

Luxury cruise vacation marketing requires a unique approach which creates a unprecedented total experience for your affluent client. As an upscale seller, it’s essential that you deliver on promises, earn the trust of your clients and provide excellent service.

  • The Cornerstone of Marketing: Understand Your Client The benefit of knowing your customer places you in a unique position to anticipate their wants, likes and desires. For an avid pet lover, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 may be an option since it accommodates pets. Use it as a marketing tool and educate your client on the ‘fine print’ of Cunard’s pet rules and regulations. ‘Time’ is a precious commodity for the luxury client and a good travel agent can save their client hours of time.

An Underused Marketing Tool: Most agents may identify affluence and demographics when marketing to clients. A third area that is often overlooked is ‘Psychographics’. The luxury cruise client look for upscale perks, unique services, and regular upgrades. A private butler, personal concierge and complimentary limo service (from the pier to the airport) are available with the Norwegian Pearl. In addition to focusing on the perks and benefits offered during the luxury cruise vacation, offer direct benefits to your clients. For example, your clients may appreciate a gift card from their favorite store.

Know What Your Client is Buying: In a nutshell, they are not just buying a cruise, they are buying an “experience”. Market your niche expertise and help your client to define his or her own experience. “Personalized Voyages” program, of Silversea cruises, allow travelers to embark and disembark from the cruise despite the given itinerary of the Silversea cruise.

Benefit From Your Clients Satisfaction: Fuel ‘word of mouth’ advertising instead of taking referrals for granted. Implement a proactive plan to stimulate the maximum number of referrals.

* Ask for the referral through email marketing, direct mail promotion or referral events

* Recognize and reward the behavior of referring with ‘Thank you marketing’. Take time to say ‘Thank you’ and send a token of your appreciation in the form of a simple gift. You will be amazed at how the art of appreciation can stimulate a steady flow of referral business.

Demonstrate your understanding of your value-driven clients by selling the memorable experience of a luxury cruise vacation and catch the wave of the continuing exuberance of the luxury marketplace.

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