Marketing Agencies – What You Need To Know

The aim of marketing agencies is to help the business take its product or service to the customer. In other words, the marketing agency eases the process of marketing that is so crucial for any business.

A marketing agency has a lot of work to do. These agencies are responsible for research and analysis to identify the target customer base for a business and then try through various exercises to turn them into clients. They also work on ways to retain the clients while extending further development of contacts with them. However, the principal role that marketing agencies play involves increasing the turnover rate and also the average statistical purchase value while keeping the target addressees well informed about new products, services, etc.

What Do Marketing Agencies Do To Be Effective

To achieve the tasks effectively, marketing agencies adopt several means including using Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Database Marketing, List-Broking, Unaddressed mail, BTL-Event support, Client/Customer Loyalty Program and Web Marketing. Marketing agencies also oversee the advertisement channels that include promotion through television, radio and newspapers. And also ‘point of sale’ advertising.

While Direct Mail is a personally addressed mail sent by post that is mostly self-explanatory, providing the information about a product or service along with ad matter in the form of glossy printed text with or without images, Telemarketing on the other hand is done through the telephone. However, Telemarketing may not always be a direct sale, it may provide the client’s credibility in producing goods that are beneficial to consumption or use.

Database marketing is more or less a kind of tailored marketing where the marketing agency creates the database, keeping in mind the client’s targeted audience. For example, creation of a database of pork eating communities in Brooklyn will prove futile to a client selling canned vegetable products. Database marketing is important because it helps the business reach out to the existing customer by first creating a list, which is a great starting point.

Some marketing agencies act as List-broker as the intermediary in the lease of databases (personal data as well as juridical data) created by their owners under the current law of the particular state and help a client to deal with it.

There is nothing funny about unaddressed mail. We all get scores of them dumped into our mail-boxes everyday, un-addressed and unsolicited. But their effectiveness is fairly good, at least among those people who do not get these many mailers. Leaflets, brochures and promotional matters received through the mail-box sometimes make the kid go for a breakfast food that others detest. In any case, these flashy fliers often stir up tempests in tea cup on the breakfast table. And here is its efficacy – to raise controversy – to raise interest.

Marketing agencies are today doing an extremely important work. But sometimes the work done by them crosses path with the advertising agency and the in-house marketing department of a big business house. In many cases, while the job of the advertising agency is to advertise, the role of the marketing agency is wider. That is because advertising is just a small part of marketing, which is a bigger subject.

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