Network Marketers Should Know – The Internet Is Only A Tool

The internet is only a tool. This is a very powerful statement and not all of you reading this right now will understand it’s full meaning…yet. So what do I really mean when I say that this thing connecting the entire world is merely a tool?

Well, let’s use a practical example. If you wanted to change a tire on your car you would use a jack to lift up the car, right? You couldn’t possibly lift it up yourself and it would be very unlikely, even with three of your strongest friends helping. Even if you and your pals did manage to lift the car, it would only be for a short period of time. The fact is, using a tool, makes any task much EASIER.

Now, see how this applies to your business using the internet. If you tried to do twenty presentations each day, for an entire month, do you think you could it? Probably not, but the internet can. If you wanted to send out an email to one thousand contacts do you think you could do it? Maybe, but it would take you a full day or more. If you used the internet, this task would only require a few clicks of your mouse. What if you wanted to generate 20 leads every day, who were searching for information on your company, could you do it? Maybe if you had super-powers, but I think with the help of internet technology, this could be accomplished more quickly and accurately.

Are you starting to get the point here? Are you beginning to realize how the internet can and should be used? Good. But get this – most people are not using the internet the way they should. They are spending idle time on Facebook, playing games, buying the latest and greatest course, spending hours figuring out how to blog and plenty of other mundane, time-consuming activities that are not producing results. They think that internet is their ‘savior’ and it’s going to be the missing piece of the puzzle – meanwhile, their time is being wasted. If you are in direct sales or network marketing, you get paid by doing very specific activities such as selling product and sponsoring distributors.

Again, the internet is only a tool. It can never replace the human element. If you are online all day long, writing articles, producing videos and chatting on social networks, but not talking to any of your prospects, you’re using the internet all wrong! Remember the example above? The jack will do it’s job, but it still needs a person to use it! The same applies to the internet. Use it as a tool to get your offer in front of more people, but remember, you can never omit the fundamentals of building a profitable business, and expect to be successful.

In conclusion I would like to add one valuable piece of advice. When attempting to use a tool as powerful and useful as the internet, do not forget the basics. The internet can automate things like selling, telling and presenting, but it can never replace YOU. Get on the phone, talk to people, attend live events and build valuable relationships with others.

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