Tips For Increased Direct Mail Marketing Response

Use these tips for increasing direct mail response and sales leads:

1. Ask your prospects which form of communication they prefer for receipt of information and future updates. Fax, email, or post? By being prepared to send information by fax or email you can reduce delivery time and sometimes save considerable expense on postage and printing costs.

2. When sending a newsletter or subscription catalog, include an automatic reply-to card or discount coupon that can be sent to other readers by the request of the prospect.

3. Include ‘Where to Purchase’ info in your direct mail outs, especially if you sell through field salespeople, representatives, or distributors. By including a map, list, or including the correct information in the cover letter, you will be providing the sales contact’s name, title, company, phone, fax, email and addresses, simplifying the process.

4. If sending product brochures that include more than one product, indicate to the prospect where they can find the relevant information for the item or service that they expressed interest in.

5. Always send a cover letter when distributing printed material to customers and prospects. This letter can feature a few features and benefits of your offerings, and invite the reader to go to the next step in the process.

6. Periodically include a form or reply card asking that subscribers re-affirm their interest in receiving the mail out. Also ask that they update their contact info, along with a few qualifier questions about their purchasing role, time frame until purchase, and specific product interest.

7. If your business’ B2B sales are influenced by more than just one person at a company, it can be beneficial to include a question on the reply forms which asks for the contact info of others at the same company who are interested in receiving info about your product. Add these contacts into your database for future mail outs.

By putting these tips into action in your direct marketing mail outs, you could see a substantial increase in your leads, responses – and sales.

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